Envision a world where ethereal beats and timeless melodies rescue you from the everyday and transport you to a higher state of consciousness. Welcome to your trance destination.

Headliners hold a Dreamstate flag
a futuristic performer welcomes you


The stages of Dreamstate create the perfect audiovisual environments for exploring the sounds within the wide trance universe.

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Lights from the stage beam over the audience


Encompassed by uplifting atmosphere and transcending melodies, Dreamstate is an oasis for Dreamers, dancers and lovers.

View from the DJ booth

Trance music has the power to connect, the power to soothe, and the power to heal. Here, we experience that power together.


These time travelers, space walkers, and extraterrestrial beings will accompany you on your journey through the vast dimensions of Dreamstate.

An aerialist performs over the stage
A futuristic performer jumps in the air

Our Headliners

In this place, we affirm that we are kindred spirits bound by deep passion—not only for the music we love, but for the community that surrounds it. That community is why we are here. You are the heart of Dreamstate. YOU are the Headliner.

A group of smiling Headliners in matching tank tops
A Headliner in makeup and a mask
A Headliner in plain clothes and glasses

Dance, dream, and have the time of your life. None of this would be possible without you.

A smiling girl with her hands in the air


Dreamstate SF
music cover
  • 1 Freedom Fighters Clockwork
  • 2 Simon Patterson Smack (Waio Remix)
  • 3 John Askew A Million Stars
  • 4 Neutrino The Dream
  • 5 Zyce & Morten Granau Techno Kids
  • 6 GMS, Shanti V Deedrah Techno Culture
  • 7 Symbolic Function of Time
  • 8 Bryan Kearney Adrenaline (Phanatic Remix)
  • 9 Christopher Lawrence vs. Orpheus Cosmic Dust
  • 10 Liquid Soul Wake Up
  • 11 Static Movement Namaha Shiva
  • 12 Coming soon!!! D.M.T
  • 13 Vini Vici vs. Pixel Flashback